Friday, March 28, 2008

I have a new found interest in research.
The world of Permaculture. Actually it is not much of a world topic right now! Permaculture is rarely thought of in the middle of the corn belt where I am from. In short let me tell you why I love permaculture:

1. It is self-sustaining.
2. It improves the environment through working along side it as oppose to taking from it.
3. It uses relationships between different areas to create positive gain and less work.
4. Less Work
5. Less Work
6. Plenty of chores for my family

A good book is:
Permaculture a designers' manual
by Bill Mollison
ISBN #0-908228-01-5

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wood for power

(Picture taken from website linked to the picture)
Well this is an interesting way to run an engine. This concept could be modified slightly and used to generate electricity. It can be used the way it is to run a tractor or vehicle. The down side would be the fact you are dependent on wood chips or other solid fuel. maybe not the best thing to run when you are old. But it can be made cheap with many recycled parts. If you are already growing wood to use to heat in winter then this and the garden would be a good solution to the leftover wood. I personaly like the hybred poplars that grow fast and easy best of all after your first buy you can plant cuttings.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Composting Toilet

Yes I am talking about going to the bathroom in a toilet with the intention of using it as a fertilizer. Before you make any hasty choices look at the data first then think about how it will help the environment.
Two of the links under waste on the right are very expensive around $5000-6000 systems. With just a little more work you can make one yourself(the other link).
Ok so now you think I am crazy!! that may be:) But if it works then why spend the money. I am thinking about building one for the basement.

Companion Planting

This info was given to me by my aunt. It deals with how and where to plant. I also found some good info on controlling pests.

Happy planting!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Noah Project

This is a link to the most comprehensive useful free download I have found in the past two years of online free research. I find the composting toilet interesting and love the low cost approach to solar power. There is a design for a passive solar/wood burning heater that uses rocks to radiate heat like a masonry fireplace. It could be adapted and used like the central boiler system.